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HDSCAN MEDIA is a completely unique buy / sell service of film, photo, audio and graphics for individuals and businesses.

Many of our customers who have HD-scanned and transferred their films through our scanning service www.hdscan.se often discover that they have unique and old film clip from around the world.

Very often we have been asked by our customers if we know anyone who might want to buy the film clips.

Among our customers are many filmmakers, documentary filmmakers and production companies that are looking for such a image media.

So now we offer through this site hdscanmedia.com all of you who want to contribute with own film clips the opportunity to upload and put them for sale, and then buyers might use your unique media in upcoming productions.

Each year we scan thousands of meters of film, and ensures storage and future archiving for many customers, large and small.

Welcome to HDSCAN MEDIA - High Definition Scandinavia AB

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HDSCAN is a registered trademark at PRV Swedish Patent and Registration Office.