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Q: What does royalty free mean?

A: A royalty free license allows you to use an image, vector or video without restrictions on the time or number of uses.

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Q: Are hdscanmedia.com memberships free?

A: Yes, memberships on hdscanmedia.com are free - and it takes just 30 seconds to sign up.

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Q: What is a credit?

A: Credits are hdscanmedia.com's currency. We convert currency into credits, and you use credits to download images. 1 credit = €1.2 (EURO) + Tax. Credits cost less when you purchase in larger quantities.


Q: I can’t log in to my hdscanmedia.com account

A: Please check the following items: ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and your firewall doesn’t block outgoing information. Ensure your caps lock is off, as the login and password fields are case sensitive. If you continue to experience problems, clear your cache and delete your Internet history. You might also speak to your network administrator to make sure they are not blocking the hdscanmedia.com website.


Q: Retrieving or changing passwords & member names

A: To retrieve your password by email, please click here

To change your password simply log into your account, click on the “Edit" link in your profile. (If your account has not been validated this link is not available). On the next screen, you will need to enter your new password.

To change or retrieve your member name, please contact customer support here.


Q: How do I search for content?

A: There are two ways to search for content on hdscanmedia.com:

- enter keywords in the search box at the top of each page and click "go".

- browse our categories and refine your request with keywords and filters

You can narrow your search results by clicking on the options on the left hand navigation of the search results page.


Q: What do I do if I am unhappy with the quality of an image I purchased?

A: hdscanmedia.com offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - please contact customer support with the file ID and any concerns you might have with the file.


Q: What is the Lightbox?

A: The Lightbox is a place that allows you to save and retrieve your image selections for future viewing. It is also a location where you can create galleries and share your selections with other members.


Q: How do I contact customer support ?

Ticket/Email: If you are a member log into your account and click on the support link in your profile, or click the Contact Us page